KIDA Private Limited

Contents of business

Giving synergy for ‘Manufacturing’ As leading company for manufacturing

Since 1931, KIDA has been providing best machinery tools for 86years. Recently many technology has grown, there are needs of infrastructure improvement and consulting for supply chain that for all manufacturing business.
Not only the machinery tools supplier but to expand and grow the customer’s businesses, we will provide high quality products, improve the operation.

Improving Factory productivity Expand businesses according to the manufacturing needs

We will provide solutions for supply chain such as supplying machinery tools,
improving productivity line by automation and providing factory construction plans for better productivity.


We supply Materials and Machinery tools for every needs to upgrade your productivity.


We will support to improve the factory operations by robot automation system and providing machines for quality inspection.


We will provide consulting for answering factory needs such as construction for machinery installation, manpower infrastracture.

Construction business of Recyclable Energy

We construct solar power generation systems and customized equipment factories for the new era, and perform installation construction according to company needs.

「製造」の品質を創る 機械・工具 高品質なビジネスイノベーションを提供

We will expand the Machinery and Tool Solutions for our customer’s needs as the supplier representing this generation

We will support manufacturing business by supplying supplies tools and materials.

We will improve machinery infrastructure for the smooth operation by the staffs.

We will provide quality inspection machines and tools for managing quality of the products.

We will improve operation by expanding production line and installing automation.

We will offer efficient and low cost logistic lane.