KIDA Private Limited

Corporate Profile

91years of history


Since 1931, we have been introducing our machinery tools for our customers for 91years.
It was possible because of the great support by our customers and we are very grateful for the support.

Having more and more various range of needs, we will always be the first to hear from the customers to provide the latest information and products.

We are not only company that supply the machinery tools but also provide robot system using latest technology and construction of factories. We hope to answer all the needs of our customer and be the best partner for all time.

We appreciate for your continuous support.

KIDA Private Limited

CEO, Mitsuhiko Kida

Corporate Philosophy

  • We will contribute to the society
        by continuing to challenge and be innovative.
  • We will support for customer's prosperity
        by teamwork and creativity.
  • We will develop our employees and provide them environment
        that they will feel happy and proud to be part of our company.

Code of Behavior

  • Always safety first
  • Always be calm and cautious
  • Transparency Management with open information

Corporate Profile


Firm Name KIDA Private Limited
Establisment March, 1931
Company Address 1-5-4 Toyosaki , Kita-ku, Osaka city, Osaka [ MAP ]
Contact TEL:06-6377-7888(Sub)
Representative CEO
Executive Director
Mitsuhiko Kida
Masahiko Sano
Capital 30million yen
Products Machine/ Tools, Factory robot installation and reforming, Application
Correspondant Banks Mitsui Sumitomo Bank
Mizuho Bank
Risona Bankh
The Senshu Ikeda Bank
The Shoko Chukin Bank
Member organizations

History & Development

March 1931 Saika Shop was established at Tosabori, Osaka under private management by Kiichi Kida
March 1953 Headquarter moved to Jinbo-cho, Kitaku in Osaka. Renamed as KIDA Shoten
June, 1962 Incorporated as a firm with Kiichi Kida as President
March, 1964 Moved office to the current address(Known as Itachibori)
February 1971 Yoshihiko Kida became the president (Current Chairman)
October 1997 Mitsuhiko Kida became the president
May 2004 Opened Kobe Office
September 2006 KIDA Pte Ltd was established as Sales company for KIDA Shoten Pte Ltd
May 2007 Kobe Office became MWORKS Pte Ltd
July 2012 Increased Capital up to 30million yen
August 2017 Integrated Kida, changed company name to KIDA Co., Ltd.
June 2018 Headquarters moved to Umeda