KIDA Private Limited

Engineering Tools

Productive system with latest technology

There are needs for new materials, various range of small quantities, high precision and mixed use facility for production system. In many kind of business, to cut down the cost and to respond the environment we will provide high value manufacturing solutions by supplying engineering machinery tools to improve productivity.

Answering needs for ‘Specialization’

We offer wide range of manufacturing support including supplying the machinery tools, improving the automation productive lines and constructing the factories according to the needs of the industry.

Latest products answering production needs

In manufacturing industry, there are wide range of needs. We will provide products using latest technology for factory supply chain by developing our original products and partnering with engineering department.

List of Products

Cutting tools / Metal Processing / Metal Plate Pressuring Machines

Processing Cell, Production Robots, Machining Center, マシニングセンタ, CNC Engine lathe, CNC Grinder, CNC Milling machine, Electric Discharging Machine, CAD/CAM, Laminating bolding device, Measurement Tools , Automation Machines , Manufacturing support tools , General purpose machine, Injection Molding Machine, Laser Machines, Metal plate pressuring machine, etc

Cutting Tooling System, Measurement Tools, Electronic hydro-pneumatic tools, Others

Cutting Tools, Polishing, & Grinding, Diamond tools, Tooling, Support Tools, Machinery Tools, Measurement Tools, Piping, Electric Tools, Hydro-pneumatic tools, Welder, Cutting Machines, Sawing Machines, Pressing Tools, Tool Grinding Machine, Small Manufacturing machines, Construction and Loading machineries