KIDA Private Limited


Manufacturing solution for next generation as machinery tool supplier and business consultant

KIDA is not only the machine and tools supplier but your business supporter, we will provide problem solutions for supplying materials, product management, logistic and sales by ‘Improving Infrastructure’, ‘Improving the operation’ and ‘Provide smooth manufacturing development’.

We will provide machinery tools to custom made tools for your needs. By listening to the needs from the customers, we will supply the most needed tools from our wide range of products from expendable products to machinery tools.

We will improve the most suitable machines and tools according to your supply chain and manufacturing process. You will enable to smoothen the productivity by automation system using robots and inspection machines to maintain the quality of the products.

We will offer the automation by robot system to improve your productivity.

In order to maintain your product quality, we will provide you the best support for inspection.

We will supply integrated parts for production lines flexibly to support from assembly operation and try run.

We will offer efficient manufacturing operation by services such as subsurface investigation for safe planning and application for the factories. We will improve infrastructure of LPG tank, factories, and constructions.

We will provide consulting service to answer needs for productions including installing machines and tools, application and construction for manpower infrastructure.

We will support to create the safe and best environment for manufacturing.

We will offer and support application to expand the productivity.